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Carrara’s cuisine and its ‘meeting points’.


A community creates culture in various manners and is certainly identified by its cuisine and food, especially in Italy!  Today there is a lot of talk about Mediterranean-type diets which are made up of  diverse kinds of food , like a river  that collects countless ‘affluents and streams’ which have lives of their own. The reason for this is that flavours and tradition come from afar and have grown in time to meet with different cultures and these original flavours are elaborated as best suited.

Carrara’s cuisine is exactly that, a rich tradition of strong and decisive flavours. These fragrant flavours, from the many herbs that are characteristic of our mountains, make up the basic and simple food that are so essential.


Carrara’s cuisine is a heritage that is still passed on from mother to child and many men venture into cooking to challenge the ancestral prejudice giving precious results in ‘Tajarin ‘n fasòli, Lumake and Lard’ d’ Kolonata’’ (dialect for Tagliarini e fagioli, Lumache and Lardo di Colonnata).
Cooking well is an Art, and just like sculpting, one must feel the love for it in order to do it well.
It is all about this universal concept:  it is felt more in Carrara because it derives from the antique labour of the mountains and the salty water of the sea:  the joy of sitting down at a table with a group of people and rediscovering the pleasures that are in the flavours and fragrances of a past childhood.



You will choose from various delicious starters and first courses such as lasagne, gnocchi, ravioli. Second courses are based on  meat, lots of fresh fish, special cheese and cold cuts.  There is also a variety of desserts such as Carrara’s speciality which is torta di riso (rice cake).  You cannot leave without trying the variety of bread, pizzas and focaccina!   
All of this is offered to you:  choose from the tiny restaurant in a narrow street or the trattoria with a pretentious name.  It will always be a choice of the perfect relaxing gourmet moment whether it be for a short pause or an important meal.

Our service is at your disposal with lots of experience and the right balance to give you advice on what you are looking for and where to find it.  You can choose from a numerous selection of restaurants, trattorie and pizzerie.

Note well:  All the meals for the duration of the Workshop are included in the price of the Package Offer (excluding one meal in Florence).