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Professional State Institute Marble Industry and Artisanship
“Pietro Tacca” - (IPSAM) - Carrara


The Professional Institute for the Marble and Artisanship Pietro Tacca (IPSAM) is a unique school that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In fact, it is the only institute that forms specialists and technicians that work in the marble and natural stone field.
L’IPSAM was originally called the School of Marble of Carrara, founded in the late nineteenth century by a group of private industrial companies and artisans, with the objective of preparing  local workers.  Since the post-war era, the school takes pride in having prepared the bulk of the workforce and artisans that make up the productive base of the stone industry.
The Institute is a tourist destination for Italian and foreign students. It is an unforgettable cultural experience to visit thanks to the gallery containing a collection of historic photographs, a collection of plaster models, precious findings belonging to the past artisanship of the territory and the sculpting and industrial workshops.


The goal of the Institute is to train students in order to achieve artistic and professional qualification through the study of both traditional and contemporary techniques, to develop and encourage individual research and elaborate on the experimentation of new artistic expressions. Sculpting and Technical Marble Drafting are two professions that are mainly learned with practice, supervised by experts in the field.
The school offers the possibility of choosing from two subjects: Sculpture/Carver and Technical Marble Draftsman. The Sculptor/Carver executes marble works. The school graduates will have opportunities in various professions in the artistic field, such as in Visual Arts or other creative activities.  They may collaborate with the design, project and execution of works in sculpture having both the traditional and contemporary technology needed (traditional and contemporary sculptures, monuments, funerary art, fountains, architectural decorations, memorial plaques, medals).


This professional figure could also operate in architectural and urban spaces, schools and social-educational centres, coordinate artistic events, create exhibition structures and areas. The Technical Drafter is the designer for work involving marble and stone in the construction industry. This field generally involves the building sector, public and private urban design, architectural and monument restoration plus the industrial sector for the production of design objects.